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Our Purpose

Spiral Communications Inc. was founded to incubate novel technologies for radio and microwave communications. Foremost among our initiatives is the development of practical applications for spiral modulation, a transmission methodology that promises radio links that are clearer, lower energy, and more secure than current industry best practices. Spiral modulation has potential applications in all areas of radio frequency communications, with a particular emphasis on high-noise environments where low probability of detection and interception is vital.

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Our mission is to develop technologies that increase the efficiency and security of communications, letting us reduce power consumption, improve communications range, and help protect vital information.

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We are a world leader in novel data transfer technologies, emphasizing spiral modulation.



Advancing truth and science. Showing respect and appreciation for quality work. Cultivating reliable and efficient products and methods. Planning for and around taking risks. Promoting leadership and inclusiveness. Keeping our impact on the world in mind.

What is Spiral Modulation

What is Spiral Modulation?

Traditional telecommunications methodologies convey information by modifying the properties of sine and cosine waves, encoding information within a fixed, stationary spectrum of frequencies. While these methodologies are extremely refined and well-studied, there are hard mathematical limits to how much information can be sent through such a channel. These limits have already, for the most part, been reached, and no amount of further refining can surpass them. 

Spiral modulation is a novel methodology that uses polynomial symbol alphabets to encode information, creating a non-stationary signal. Non-stationarity circumvents the assumptions that underlie existing communications theory, theoretically allowing more data throughput over noisy channels than stationary signals can provide. This can be accomplished with off-the-shelf software-defined modems, with no special hardware required.

The unique waveforms used by spiral modulation also give additional security to communications, providing reduced probability of detection and interception. Spiral signals cannot be decoded without knowing the polynomial symbol alphabet used, and a transmission can potentially rotate between multiple alphabets for additional security. Spiral modulation is not a form of encryption but is compatible with existing encryption methods.

Operatig Principles

Operating Principles

Our pursuit of the truth requires us to both understand and look beyond the state of the art to find what is truly possible. Our process relies on pulling ideas together from multiple diverse perspectives. We exist not only to develop novel technologies but to champion them, becoming a leader in bringing these technologies to market. We are committed to honesty and accountability, being fully transparent with our customers and ourselves about the progress of our work.

Our Team

Our Team



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